Family Office Strategic Reviews


Having a truly independent, qualified understanding of where your family office stands vis-a-vis global best practice is critical to the maintenance of intergenerational equity through your family office. Peninsula Capital Partners offers discreet strategic reviews of your family office measured against global family office standards and benchmarks.

Peninsula Capital Partners draws on decades of practical experience at global family offices to be able to undertake a qualified audit and 'health-check' of your family office. The diagnostic will address both the short term critical risks you may not be aware of, longer-term risks, as well as opportunities for improvement.

For every family office, having a clear, comprehensive understanding of where you stand is critical in an age of information overload, vested interests and constant bombardment by sell-side counter-parties incentivized to make recommendations that may not be in your best interests. Peninsula Capital acts discreetly and entirely independently in assessing your family office situation.

Our strategic review process generally covers the following areas:

  • Existing / legacy holdings
  • Aims and objectives of the family office and whether these are adequately being met
  • Diversification
  • Risks short term, medium term and long term
  • Appropriate benchmarking
  • Counter-party risk
  • Robustness of the family office
  • Talent
  • Risk/Reward payoff
  • Family Office Strategy
  • Governance effectiveness
  • Conflicts of interest