The Family Office Academy


Peninsula Capital Partners’s Family Office Academy provides customised education and coaching for future family office leaders and NextGen’s, helping prepare them through practitioner knowledge, for family office participation and decision making.

The Academy delivers education and coaching modules by means of secure encrypted video-conferencing sessions, or through multiple private in-person face to face sessions.

Critically, because all family offices are distinctive as are their needs, all education and coaching is co-created in consultation with the family concerned, to ensure customised delivery applicable to the particular circumstances of the family members concerned.

As a result, unlike the approach of many other many organisations, this is not a generic service or commoditised deliverable, but specific to your family’s circumstances taking into account your already existing areas of expertise, and your specific goals.

The training takes place by means of two sets of optional curricula: Family Office Induction Training, providing key fundamental areas of foundational knowledge, and separately, Specialised Family Office Training, providing deep dives and more detailed training around specific topics or subject areas pertaining to family office investment and practice.

Family office coaching typically takes place on a retainer or project specific basis.